Make AI work for you in the real world

Embrace the AI revolution

Cerebral Circuit is here to make AI work for you in the real world. The AI revolution is exciting, but it can be puzzling to figure out how to use it for your specific needs. We're your partners in answering that challenge and creating AI solutions that fit your business.

Our big dream is to make AI practical and easy for everyone. We're focused on being the go-to experts for AI solutions in Education, Customer Service, and Sales/Lead Generation. By helping you apply AI to your unique challenges, we want to be leaders who show that AI isn't just high-tech talk—it's a tool that can truly help your business succeed.

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Our Team

Human input is vital in shaping AI's purpose. Defining your challenges and needs ensures your AI assistant is aptly built and trained to provide optimal solutions.

Tim Shier

Tim Shier

Tim has been interested in Artificial Intelligence since the 90s when he first came across Turing's work and quickly melted his brain dreaming of infinite ticker-tapes and polymorphic silicon organisms. Having gone to UCT to study AI (BSc in CompSci and Psychology), Tim has kept involved in the subject and, almost 25 years later, is now helping bringing AI to business in South Africa.

Dan Neville

Dan Neville

With 17+ years in digital marketing, Daniel's seasoned expertise spans startups to corporate giants, enriching every endeavour.

Tim Withers Le Chat

Tim Withers Le Chat

With 20+ years in advertising, Tim is adept at managing large budgets and excels in creating data-led strategies.

James Hudson-Shier

James Hudson-Shier

With a decade of diverse digital expertise, from frontend dev to brand strategy, James brings a wealth of strategic creativity to the team.

Introducing Cerebral Circuit:
Your Tailored AI Assistant

Revolutionise your business with bespoke AI solutions brought to life through AI assistants brimming with personality. Our approach includes:

  • Customisable:
    Tailor and train your AI assistants to match your unique needs and use cases
  • High Level of Accessibility:
    Seamlessly integrate your AI assistant across your website, WhatsApp, and email to name just a few
  • Multi-Function Interaction:
    Our AI Assistants can engage and interact with systems and tools your Organisation already uses

Unveiling a new era of AI interaction:

Trainable Conversational NLP Processor

GPT4 Abilities

Text, Image, and Voice Note Handling

Secure Data Management in Your Dashboard

Personalisation to Fit Your Brand's Persona

Language Adaptability and Multilingual Skills

Partner with Cerebral Circuit, born from experienced digital experts dedicated to creating your perfect AI ally

Explore our Demo AI Assistants

Our AI assistants can fulfil a range of roles within your organisation. Here are few examples.



A virtual customer service AI assistant here to help you with all your linux installation problems/issues



A virtual AI tutor created to walk you through a short course on how to write better AI art prompts



A luxury African safari sales expert created to help you design and book your dream safari in South Africa